The Alpha Kimono 2024 (Black)
The Alpha Kimono 2024 (Black)

The Alpha Kimono 2024 (Black)

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Size chart

Adult & Female Kimono Size Chart



Size Wingspan Chest Length Waist Pant
A00 140cm 46cm 69cm 47cm 85cm
A0 150cm 50cm 73cm 49cm 89cm
A0H 153cm 59cm 75cm 53cm 90cm
A0L 160cm 52cm 76cm 50cm 92cm
A1 160cm 54cm 76cm 51cm 90cm
A1H 163cm 62cm 77cm 56cm 92cm
A1L 168cm 55cm 78cm 50cm 91cm
A2 168cm 59cm 79cm 54cm 96cm
A2H 169cm 64cm 79cm 58cm 97cm
A2L 170cm 61cm 81cm 54cm 99cm
A3 172cm 62cm 84cm 58cm 101cm
A3H 175cm 68cm 84cm 63cm 102cm
A3L 176cm 62cm 85cm 58cm 105cm
A4 177cm 66cm 85cm 62cm 106cm


F0 141cm 53cm 66cm 47cm 86cm
F1 150cm 55cm 70cm 48cm 90cm
F2 159cm 57cm 74cm 50cm 94cm
F3 168cm 60cm 78cm 53cm 97cm


Please allow a 3% tolerance for all measurements.


Size Height Range Weight Range
A00 135cm - 152cm 40kg - 50kg
A0 152cm - 165cm 54kg - 64kg
A0H 152cm - 165cm 65kg - 76kg
A0L 165cm - 174cm 54kg - 64kg
A1 165cm - 174cm 65kg - 76kg
A1H 165cm - 174cm 80kg - 95kg
A1L 172cm - 182cm 65kg - 80kg
A2 172cm - 182cm 76kg - 88kg
A2H 172cm - 182cm 88kg - 105kg
A2L 180cm - 188cm 78kg - 90kg
A3 180cm - 188cm 88kg - 105kg
A3H 180cm - 188cm 92kg - 110kg
A3L 188cm - 196cm 88kg - 105kg
A4 188cm - 196cm 100kg - 115kg


F0 145cm - 158cm 40kg - 50kg
F1 158cm - 165cm 50kg - 58kg
F2 165cm - 172cm 58kg - 65kg
F3 172cm - 176cm 65kg - 75kg

We've updated our best-selling Alpha kimono to fully adhere to the latest AJP and IBJJF uniform rules.

Featuring a lightweight 390gsm pearl weave jacket and 8oz ripstop pants, the Alpha is an incredibly comfortable, hard-wearing, high-performing kimono - made to the very high standards you've come to expect.

Tested at the very highest levels of our sport, the Alpha will take all that you put it through.

Perfect for beginners to the sport, seasoned competitors and anyone who wants a solid, tough and classically-designed gi.

Does not include a belt.

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The Alpha was Nicholas Meregali's kimono of choice for his immaculate run at the 2023 IBJJF Absolute GP.

"This is one of my favorite kimonos - it has a great cut, design and material." - Meregali

A seal of approval doesn't get bigger and better than that.

2024 Competition Legal

We've updated the Alpha to 100% adhere to the new uniform rules from the IBJJF and UAEJJF. Absolutely no ambiguity here.


We've been designing combat apparel for well over a decade - we know what works, we know what doesn't and we're constantly improving our offering.

Performance and endurance - our pillars of product design. We work alongside the world's top athletes and the best factories to ensure everything we release is ready for prime time.

Customer Reviews

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Crisp, lightweight gi

I am 6ft1 and 84kg, A2L fits me perfectly! Washed several times now with no shrinkage which is great too. Looks crisp and feels light!

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